OutSync has a new home

May 15, 2010 at 4:56 AM


I recently wanted the ability to mass-update my Outlook contacts (that are sync'd to my phone) with my Facebook contacts (about 88 of them that matched!).  I found a few tools online that didn't pan out, but I did run across Mel's OutSync program you see here.

It worked like a charm.

Currently OutSync only supports bringing over the current Facebook profile image.  I also wanted the ability to bring over their birthdates from Facebook as well.  OutSync has an option that says "Birthdays coming soon."  So, I contacted the author and asked if he needed any help.  Mel has moved on and the codebase was stale.  He expressed that he didn't want it to fester, so he offered the codebase to me to keep it alive. 

So, I have posted it here on CodePlex for everyone to find, download, use, and even modify.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy it.